Letter to You

The world is lucky we didn’t end up together.
We’d be a blast, you’d do my hair and I’d do yours
in the craziest colours and styles of course
and you’d help me rip my clothes while you burn yours,
giving them that wasted dirty old look.
I’d be free to wear whatever I like,
without you calling me a slut, you would never do that.
And you wouldn’t have to wear the nice-guy look everyone is expecting from you.
We could speak our mind without any worries
cause the other would always be there to stick to that weird, crazy idea.
My mother wouldn’t sleep wondering where we’d been wandering all night long,
but I could trust you to bring me back by midnight like a princess if it’s needed.
You would never stop me from taking the first train or bus to a random city,
you’d probably follow, and we wouldn’t need no sleep there,
we’d just wander again in this crazy crazy daydream.
We’d be free to chill, take our make up off and enjoy a lazy day on the couch.
You’d probably tickle me to death, or scare me hiding in the weirdest places
and I’d bite you hard, like I used to.
And we’d love it.
We’d be free to say “yes”, “no”, “fuck off” and let it go.
We could laugh and cry at the same time without feeling like freaks, cause we both are.
People would run from us, they wouldn’t get what’s going on around us,
we’d be clowns to them, clowns on the run.

The world is lucky we didn’t end up together.

[Thoughts. 15/06/2016 00:24]


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