2.00 A.M. daydream

Staring at the glass of whatever she brought she’s thinking about you, standing right in front of her. Thoughts can’t catch anyone’s attention, they are quiet whispers of the mind, and you will look over, with no idea what she’s thinking of and she’ll stare back listening to every word you say, treasuring each and every one of them.
You would think that’s silly, and it is, she kinda is as well: silly and lost in a daydream that will probably destroy her. That’s ok, she likes daydreaming, but she still loves this reality, the one you are with her and she can be herself, no worries, no implications.
Could you ever imagine it was you? Whispers her mind.
She looks at the glass, it’s empty, but words still fall gently from your mouth, they will satisfy her thirsth. She will notice the way you move around, the way you look at her, your laugh…
You have no idea it is you.
This poor silly tiny thing will treasure everything about you, a man that will never love her, but you will make her able to dream again.


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