“Now what do we do?”
“We follow the cat”

Picture this: two girls have only slept a few hours on a bus travelling to Rome, then attended a rock concert (of a band called Counterfeit) and when they came out of it they figured out they were late for the last bus and had no money for a taxi to reach their friends. Those two girls had to spend the night somewhere, with no hotel booked and no plans.

Guess what, me and my friend spent the night with no plan at all, except for following a cat. As soon as we started walking our way to the train station, to wait for the morning somewhere known, a cat approached us and started purring to my friend.
The cat looked like he wanted to bring us somewhere, so, in the middle of the night you could hear us say “Let’s follow the cat!”

Our friends were worried. Two girls, alone, in the night, in some unknown place, with a cat.
But that cat looked after us better than any white-kight in a shiny armor could. He would follow us if we went away -even fo a sec-, he would sit with us, guard our place…
We just spent the night in a park, sitting on the swings, chatting, plotting the books we’re writing, listening to music, and petting a cat.
Did you expect come big adventure? This was the big adventure: being copletely alone, and safe, in the most unexpected place with the most unexpected company.
That cat spent five hours with us, until morning came, until we had to go and he went to sleep only then.

That cat is named Orion. We named him after the place the concert was held in. If you ever happen in Ciampino, in Rome, and you meet a white cat in the night, say hi to our friend.


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