I’ve always had lucid dreams. Almost every single dream I have is lucid: I’m aware it’s just a product of my mind’s night-time work and I can manipulate them pretty easily. If it’s some kind of nightmare and something attacks me, for example, I can decide to rewind the dream and attack back, or I make it look like I could run away, or maybe I can decide to have a weapon.
The same goes for every dream I have.

But tonight I had a dream. I dreamed I was having dinner with friends, -pretty normal huh?- when I suddenly had to get away from them, have a little walk. I exited the building and found myself in a dark alley, in which I knew where the lightswitch was.
It was all good. I had my walk, and then decided to turn the light on, cause it was really dark and I knew monsters were out there.

Monsters appeared before I could even see the lightswitch. But hey, that’s no problem, I know it’s a dream, so… let me fix this.

A spear appeared in my hands, and I stabbed the monster right where the heart was supposed to be.

Something went wrong this time. When I attacked it, I had a closer look at the monster: it was tall, the body was fat with thin arms and legs, its skin looked like rubber and was falling, its face was large with a similarly large smile and small black eyes, and it had a few black hair on its head. While I was stabbing it I thought “is this the right spot? Does it even have a heart?”
It kept smiling.
I could already feel its claws grabbing me, tearing through my skin, when I saw another monster approaching. This one was similar to the first one, but it was thinner, and with an oval, long face, a sad smile and long hair.

I panicked.

They were not like the usual monsters I see in my dreams.
Something was wrong. My spear could do no harm. And they kept walking torwards me.
The claws finally touched me, my skin torn started bleeding, they closed in.
What do monsters do? I wondered, with no escape.

What do monsters do?

I woke up.


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